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Nous proposons notre savoir faire pour des missions et des études qualitatives et quantitatives ciblées. Vous avez une demande ? Nous mettons en place le projet, le menons, et vous rendons les résultats avec des propositions concrètes.

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I am thirty years old and work as freelance trainer. Education is a life-long process, not only for my clients, for me too! Hence I keep learning and passing my knowledge on with enthusiasm and creativity. I also write this blog because improving the fate of all women is my biggest passion and concern.

Sabina Rossignoli, PhD

Sabina is independent researcher and trainer at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main. She offers training and consulting for companies, organizations, but also educational programmes and institutions interested in approaches to gender equality based on cultural analysis. She also undertakes research missions using qualitative and quantitative methods. Such methods have proved useful in the assessment of change management.

She did her BA in Intercultural Relations in Trieste, Italy. Then, she did her MScs in Paris (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, EHESS) and London (London School of Economics, LSE). She concluded her PhD in anthropology and gender studies at the universities Paris Descartes and Goethe University. She speaks Italian, French, English and German fluently.


In today’s highly competitive and globalizing markets, increasingly distinct and demanding customer segments continue to emerge. But homogeneous companies staffed exclusively with similar-looking and similar-minded employees lack the broad range of insight and experience needed to meet these challenges— leaving those organizations to struggle and, possibly, to fail. Far better equipped for this dynamic new environment are companies that tap into the full spectrum of capabilities offered by a diverse workforce.
Simply put, diversity is good for business.

The future of consulting: the social sciences.

Globalization. The way we work is changing at a very fast pace. New practices of mobility and globalization are affecting our lives. This goes along with a global talent shortage, that the Boston Consulting Group envisages as THE management problem for the next decade. At the core of restructuring, there is the human capital. Universities and business schools are already preparing the change by educating people and offering competency. In a new world, we need new people.

Talents. The best educated people all over the globe are women. However, there is a limit to what women achieve in the workplace. The glass ceiling is the most well-known example of women being kept out of the decision making process. The talent of women is highly underestimated, and this results in work practices that favor burn-outs and stress. Which also means less productivity.

Innovative strategies. Management strategy needs to implement the analysis of the larger corporate culture, by taking complexities into account (finance, hierarchy, company values, business development, potential new markets, etc.).

Women networks, pro-women initiatives are important, yet at Genderincorporate we are doing something new. We take into account the whole corporate culture. We propose systemic analysis focusing on the gender balance of each client, but also offer solutions ranging from diversity education and HR management to communication and strategy. Our objective: to make work a healthier, therefore more productive experience.

A new generation of long-life learning and strategy is coming.

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