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Donne italiane del terzo millennio

Abbiamo inviato un questionario a un gruppo di mamme del nord e sud d’Italia: in tante hanno pagato la maternità con la solitudine e spesso hanno perso il lavoro. Ma c’è anche chi, con un impiego precario,  ha dovuto rinunciare ad avere un figlio. Lo Stato? Il grande assente:una su due vorrebbe cambiare Paese.

Un’inchiesta di Repubblica da leggere qui.

Video to deplore violence against women in Italy

A white wall, a chisel carving numbers from one to one hundred (and more) with the color of blood. The sound is disturbing, as violence against women should be instead of being silenced.

Then, a text tells the whole story of femicide in the country. “100 morte che non contano“: one hundred women who do not count, is the title of this video.

In Italy, more than 100 women have been killed this year, mainly by their partner, ex-partner, lover, father. Domestic violence hits with rates of 70%-87% in Italy. Probably, far more than 100 per year are the cases of abuse perpetrated and kept silent. This video aims to fight against silence.

In France, every three days a woman is killed by her partner.

In Germany, one on four women is victim of domestic violence.