training programs

Once we have assessed your needs, we propose education to equality. Gender discrimination is based on stereotypes that are considered as common sense. These stereotypes are conveyed via the media to a great extent, but not exclusively. To free oneself from these beliefs and stereotypes is not a mission impossible! And the result will be more awareness and respect in our work and personal environment.

Life-long learning is the future of HR management, and we help you and your organization achieving a more sustainable and productive work environment.


One/Two Days group seminars focused on the development of specific skills useful to your context. We offer academic-based gender equality/diversity education and systematic approaches to corporate culture.


Universities, schools, companies, organizations that deal with change and want to educate, solve conflicts, improve their gender balance, the work of gender diverse teams, or female leadership.


The future of management is to develop people, their skills and competency. It is in the interest of every organization to have the best talents and retain them. According to the Boston Consulting Group, focusing on people will be the only solution to the challenges of globalization in the next decade. Our training are part of the effort to understand and face globalization.

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