Solidarity requires that one enter into the situation of those with whom one is solidary; it is a radical posture.

(P. Freire)

We propose feminist education sessions addressing all public. Through active learning or conferencing, we discuss feminist issues and perspectives in order to spread feminism in society and not to limit it to activist and intellectual milieux. Youth, elderly, urbanized, rural, anybody can develop an interest in feminist themes, such as parenthood rights in Europe, the history of feminism, gender studies’ theories, sexism in the media and youth. We believe in people’s curiosity, and that’s how we share commitment!

Feminism has a bad reputation. Usually, when people suspect that you might even be thinking of being a feminist, they become really anxious. Many immediately look for shelter and defense: “I am not a sexist!”. Others laugh at feminism as it was a disease, namely a mental disease, or at least something totally outdated (“Women work, we do not need feminism any longer!”). Others label themselves feminists but totally lack a political discourse and end up serving the established social order.

Feminism is a political and philosophical movement that has contributed to good social developments. We already achieved a lot! It is a history made of extraordinary people (not only women!), of struggles, of political choices and negotiations. It is not something scary. It is a set of ideas that has contributed to improve the life of many of us. It is something that continuously move towards better inclusion, and attempts to be conscious of its own limitations.

Feminism is good to think with, and is a great perspective from which to look at education, law, sexuality, politics and culture. Basically, everything. And most of all, it is not dangerous. It is adventurous.