media and communication

Business is a lot about communication, sales and marketing. Yet, by having the wrong communication strategy you might miss a good portion of the market without even realizing it. Many good people will turn away from you if you are not inclusive.


Do you want to run a media campaign to promote your diversity policies and draw the best talents to your company? Many firms already do so, and promote women in the media. We create your campaign: creatives, formats, advertorials and find where to publish them. We deliver your campaign ready to publish in the most important publications internationally, be it online or print.

And also…

We offer One-Day Seminars and Consulting Services to improve communication strategies by making them more inclusive. We make you aware through our strategy planning.


Companies, organization and universities that want to target talent and innovation by changing the way in which people communicate. This includes media campaigns.


In business meeting it happens often to miscommunicate by unconsciously using stigmatizing language. This is not possible any longer in the globalized world. In order to be more convincing, and innovative, you need to be able to have an equal communication strategy.


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