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My best wishes for the new year

I wish you a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year. Taking some time for oneself, relaxing, eating well, sleeping longer. This will prepare the ground for working with a clear mind in the new year. Think about quality, and what quality means to you in all the spheres of your life. And make sure that others benefit from your idea. Talk, exchange, and listen.

Getting started!

Welcome to my blog!

True that some basic information can be found in the ‘About me’ section. Yet, I think that I should tell you more about who I am, where I am active, and what I hope to do with this blog.

I am 29 years old, and work in a research project on migration funded by the EU in Germany. I am an anthropologist. I live in Frankfurt am Main, a lovely city that I will make you discover through this blog. But I was born in Italy, in the north east of the country. I have studied intercultural relations there, and then I have entered my current field by doing two masters in anthropology at the EHESS (Paris), and at the LSE (London). I am concluding a PhD in anthropology.

The goal of this blog is to share outcomes and ideas related to my new project, a consulting activity on personnel management and communication on gender equality. To learn more about my strategy and methods, send me a private message. And you will be surprised by the extent of my discoveries. Having a different look at things can make a big difference, and I care about how to communicate them.

Gender equality in corporate culture is my core interest, especially the experience of women. There is an ongoing debate about this issue, generally included in the wider debate of ‘diversity’ (the latter concerning sexuality, gender, ethnic or racialized background, age, disability…). This debate is global, although it is dealt with accordingly to more or less local legislations. There are several core themes on the gender equality debate, like for instance questions of equal pay, of female leadership, of work life balance. My question is: “What are companies really doing for innovation and diversity?” In some cases, diversity is a branding, in other, a structural investment. A lot has still to be done, because managers have not measured the real benefits given by equality policies. Not only better performance and achievement in the company, but also new targets. Corporate culture is changing, and the perspective of women, who have for long been – and still are – at the edge, is a step towards change. Diversity is a resource, no doubts about that, and several studies prove it.

Key points about this blog:

1. This is an international blog: English will be the language of reference, although I draw on German-, Italian-, and French-speaking material as well. Please consider the fact that this is a cosmopolitan multi-lingual space, hence forgive my grammar!

2. I will tell you stories about women’s everyday experiences: material to think with. This includes my online and offline life, and random thoughts. Sometimes a sentence can move stones.

3. There will be interviews with people committed to gender equality, and close-ups on companies actively working on diversity.

4. I will participate to conferences and events, of which will be your commentator.

5. Social media, press, any sort of relevant published material, art: I spend a big deal of time reading and digging out new stuff. I spread my presence on the web.

6. Scientific support: there is an enormous amount of inspiring material in the libraries and in business research. There is the need to bring together different spheres of knowledge and practice, even when they seem dissonant with each other.

7. Most of all, I need your feedback. This blog lives of the efforts of all, and I want all to benefit from it. Please share your experiences, or contact me if you have any questions!
Now, have fun with gender*in*corporate*!