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Quote from R. Hennessy

Women are contradictorily positioned in capitalism as free workers and citizens, yet devalued as females. For many women, adding to the unpaid value of our wage work is the socially necessary yet unvalued and appropriated labor we perform in feeding, clothing, and educating people in our households, in caring for children, the elderly, and the sick, and in the myriad forms taken by our unpaid or underpaid caretaking in the workplace. In many developed and overdeveloped sectors of the world, the traditional mandate that women serve others is contradicted by capitalism’s prescriptions that we serve ourselves, be in control, and compete with others as fully autonomous individuals.


“Today’s feminism is s…

“Today’s feminism is so unbendingly negative in its approach to market activity that steps taken to present positive imagery in ads or make progressive toys for girls are sweepingly dismissed: women who try to act on their feminism through marketing activities are often seen as merely co-opting feminism for private profit. While such an attitude may give abstract comfort to academics, it does legions of working women a disservice—and shuts off an avenue for the advancement of feminism already shown to be broadly effective. We are thus ill-equipped to rise to the opportunity before us.” L. M. Scott